I am More Grateful Than His Hairball Was Wet

cat_hairballBecause last night the cat finally did what I every night fear and wet-hairballed onto my laptop keyboard, certain important keys (I, U, P, backspace, shift) have vacated functionality. Yeah, I’ve Googled “How to [clean/dry/replace] laptop keyboard” and I’ve gotten the gist. Dismantling any parts of my laptop feels like surgery on myself (not proud/don’t you judge me), so instead I’ve got the emergency USB keyboard plugged in. My Jimmy-Dean-Sausage-Link fingers are unaccustomed to keys that call out for more dexterity.

Yesterday was one of the infamous “Nothing Happens at All” days. I wanted to, and did, wake up today feeling at least partially better [than yesterday… during which I took my temperature several times, expecting but never getting, anything but a normal return]. It seemed then, that wet hairballs would fill that lonely unsuffering space left behind by a good night’s sleep.

I do not want to ride on my whinecycle today. It is time for a GRATITUDE ADJUSTMENT!

  • I am grateful for a better night’s sleep than I expected.
  • I am grateful to have an emergency USB keyboard.
  • I am grateful that my laptop seemed to have sustained no other damage.
  • I am grateful for compressed air.
  • I am grateful for clean coffee pots.
  • I am grateful for a scheduled MRI that will check for Spinal Stenosis. I’ve had a lot of bad falls since… well, forever.
  • I am grateful for Cowboy (who is sleeping right beside me)!
  • I am grateful for fitting into my smallest size evah (seven sizes smaller than my heaviest).
  • I am grateful for the non-computer-related tasks I have even less of no reason to not get done.
  • I am grateful for the freshly-dried oregano and rosemary I received respectively from my brother/father’s gardens.
  • I am grateful for physical therapy.
  • I am grateful that I had the energy today to prep ingredients for a nice dinner, wash dishes and give the coffee pots a vinegar rinse.
  • I am grateful today that my eyes hurt less than they did yesterday.
  • Miss Molly pecks the leg of the hand that feeds her.

    Miss Molly pecks the leg of the hand that feeds her.

    We are both grateful and happy to still be getting daily visits from Miss Molly McQuackers-Mallard. Though she may have broken months [years?] ago from the shell and imprinted on our neighbor, she has still imprinted herself on our easily-adorified hearts [and on our porch, via random duckpoop blasts].


  1. “I do not want to ride on my whinecycle today.” – clever. Catchy title. Good writing.

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