No, Not an ACTUAL Hangover.


This is my computer’s desktop background. What. Wait. Wrong upload. This is actually a “petrait” I did for someone in 2004. Weird.

I’ve had to spend most of today in bed, which could easily be enough to gripe about. Instead I choose to congratulate myself on walking better and kicking PT’s butt more than it is kicking mine. I’ve already learned substantially more than I could’ve imagined — for somebody who’s prescribed fate often dours hope entirely, physical therapy has delivered an unanticipated bounty.

Even still I’ll have to make up today’s missed appointment tomorrow. The more it helps me, the more dutiful towards it I feel. While that’s all well and good, though, today it wasn’t possible. I am more awake now than at any earlier time but remain tired enough to go right back under the covers.

I’ve stopped worrying about days like this; I know that they will pass, and worrying solves nothing. Moreover, I have begun (mad props to the wife for this) to forgive myself for days like this. Days like today interrupt every intention but like to instigate revile… at the day, at one’s body, at all the shirts that have to be turned right-side-out before being put on a hanger, at a fog of affect that skips cold beats through my memory, at spilling coffee.

The few days leading up to this one were stellar. Baseline was achieved, celebrated and is now unintentionally hungover.

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