Yeah, I’d hit it.

I'd Hit it!In my thirties the phrase “gonna hit that” means something entirely different than were I to have said it a decade ago. Now when I say “that” in such context I refer not to an attractive nightclub body but to the almighty plateau.

It came later than normal today — usually my “spells” start in the morning, plateau then end by 3 or 4. Today was markedly slow, but not worth an automatic pronouncement of “bad.” That came about a half an hour ago when I had to carry my laptop from the kitchen back to the bedroom and adjourn to bed.

I know it’s all gonna be a thing when I start having trouble putting the lids back on spice jars or difficulty handling soapy dishes. Other things I know to be mindful of:

  • increased dizziness (I’m dizzy 24/7 so “increased” is an applicable modifier here)
  • decrease in eyeball movement
  • missteps and/or falls
  • heaviness of limbs
  • cognition skips (kinda like a record doing it, yeah)
  • slurring words
  • angry, nonsensical hunger (wat.)

So this all can have me come off as drunk. As a drunk. anigif_enhanced-buzz-9529-1381006799-11

When whichever symptoms picked from the hat finally reach a plateau (ie, “maximum level of suck”), I will generally feel closer to my baseline — exhausted, but better. I am occasionally heartened to feel it get really terrible, because my motto for any and all MS-related oddities is “It will pass. It always passes.” At its worst I know it’s nearly done being an awful houseguest; I will feel better soon, and if I am spent — hell, staying in bed now is almost culturally normative.

Silver linings, right?

1950s-Woman-CookingWell, dinner is cooked and waiting on the stove (the wife is out of town today and will be home late; I wanted to make sure to have a meal prepared that would be fine after waiting on the stove for her arrival home). The coffee pots are set up for the morning, the living room was dusted. I marinated kale for morning egg-sadillas* and prepared a cucumber salad with home-made vinaigrette. All of this was accomplished without injury, too — no butcher knives into fingers, et al.

Now it is apparently bedtime — different, mind you, than “going to sleep.” Now is when I do stuff here.


*We have fallen in love with taking breakfast’s scrambled eggs and introducing them to tortilla-living with cheese and minced/marinated kale.

  1. This is a great description: “cognition skips (kinda like a record doing it, yeah)”.

    Never thought to use kale in breakfast burritos. Does it taste a lot different from spinach?

    • If marinated (to chewability) then kale tastes a lot like spinach — it’s taken me over a year to find a way to keep easy-to-consume kale on hand, so now the food processor and I have come to an understanding. 🙂

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