Shipment of Fall… er, Fail

images I hit my head four days ago and it still smarts. Though on my naked forehead for easy viewing, there is neither knot nor bruise to prove its happenstance.

Yesterday at PT I fell off my table and, unlike all the times I’ve almost fallen off of my PT table, was unable to catch myself. I banged myself in several spots against the wall but today sport no bruises. My knee took the impact but makes no real complaint in the aftermath.

My legs do have several new bruises, the origin of none of which I can recall. The bruises were there before I went into PT and fell off one of their perfectly nice tables, so let’s all calm down about losing one’s physical station in a public place.

No-REM-sleep-due-to bladder is here my clumsiness scapegoat, and today is apparently Brain Zap Friday. Not getting out of bed is a fantastic vacation when the option to get out of bed stays in effect, although I suppose I could still try to look for the silver linings…


is it time for a GRATITUDE ADJUSTMENT?

(Damnit, it probably is.)

  • I am grateful for the hot-water-bottle-with-bones that’s been sleeping right beside me (even when I can’t) for the last several days.bzzle
  • I am grateful that my Physical Therapist thought to call me at home and inquire about my knee (like I need more good reason for loving PT).
  • I am grateful for my wife’s hard work – she just started a new job and still takes me to PT.
  • I am grateful for a few really delectable days of weather and walks.
  • I am grateful tenfold for the internet on these more bed-bound days.
  • I am grateful for a tidy enough house to stay (mostly) calm about housework.
  • I am grateful for dark times that make an eventual dawn break even more brilliantly.
  • I am grateful that whenever I wake up, the next episode of Breaking Bad is playing on tv.
  • I am grateful for socks!

(Annnnd hopefully I’ve just cancelled that call for a Waaahmbulance. Now I will obey my body’s will and, well, continue laying down.)

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