“Vomitous Indie Movie Camerawork”

;This was a rough week. Monday was a waking nightmare. How, really, to even describe using only sɨˈrɪlɪk digraphs? Imagine your body is a snow globe being shaken by a toddler; said globe-that-is-really-a-figurative-expression-of-self is full of hot wax that stacks heavy into the limbs and, for good measure, there are pop rocks or sometimes hot x-acto blades. Don’t worry too much — the x-axcto blades are just for the left side of your pelvis, and are only intermittent. Everything else will remain at “Vomitous Indie Movie Camerawork” status for days.

There is a horrifying trapped sensation that comes with feeling grievously bad inside a body that simply looks tired to any other eyes. Without throwing an actual fit about it, it’s largely invisible. Trowing fits is so last decade, however… so I keep a blog instead.

Today I got out of bed and am working through the picayune leftover symptoms of this 3-4 day extravaganza [pseudo- or actual exacerbation?]. I’m not really used to there not being something wrong with some part of me somewhere so if I can get upright and drive a car [safely], the world can still be mine.

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