Like a Wet Knife Through Butter

daliesquemiddlefinfgerI’m trying to do a better job listening to my body. I am, and I know it sounds silly and easy… but you might not expect that when you start to tune in, it turns out that your body is kind of a dick.

I mean, I was about to finish in the kitchen and go sit down. Just about to. There were only a couple more dishes in the sin… well holy shit did I really just slice open my hand with a butter knife?

So I rinsed my hands and sat down. I would really like it if, when I need to prioritize safety over a few dirty dishes, my body would in some way let me know that didn’t involve a Dalí-esque middle finger in adolescent consequence for not taking slightly faster heed. Is it just me, or is it outright passive-aggressive for my body to go from “Naw, we cool” to “BLEEDING IN THE SINK AGAIN” in under thirty seconds?

I do not always know my own strength, but now I will forever have the knowledge that I can use a butter knife as a deadly weapon. Silver, um, linings?


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