A Fine One to Talk

no-earth-dont-spin-like-thatYesterday was the first time I tried to, but couldn’t, run. Literally — could not move my legs quickly enough to up my gait. Tripped every time I tried. Running suddenly feels scary. I’ll get over it. I was getting ahead of myself to think trying to run during an otherwise-delightful walk in the park wouldn’t result in any negative outcome.

On the heels of that up there, talking is now an occasional issue too. The physical act of simply talking. Cerebellar ataxia is a caitiff. Everything in the nature of myself and this world is trying to slow me down; I’m desperately trying to heed that message but feel the beatings will continue until morale improves. Therefore, I need a GRATITUDE ADUSTMENT:

  • I am grateful for winter’s illustrious excuse to use the oven. I have been baking and, lo, that is good.
  • I am grateful for getting bills paid.
  • I am grateful that the dishes are done, dinner is in the oven and my coffee pot is set for tomorrow morning.
  • I am grateful for a wife who is as brilliant as she is beautiful, and who loves me despite the slurred words.
  • I am grateful for the internet and all it has to offer, from blogs to butthurt.
  • I am grateful for brussel sprouts. You heard me.
  • I am grateful for patient payment assistance programs for the medications I need.
  • I am grateful that in a month’s time I will know whether or not my three-year wait for SSDI has ended.
    • paul
    • July 22nd, 2015

    A couple of different doctor’s and a doctor at a migraine clinic reckon I may have some sort of cerebellar issues related to gait and intention tremors thought what I still don’t know have to contend with the stupid look and people sneering the usual ohh there’s that mad man when they just don’t know. Loved your post exactly how I feel except my special lady is the most amazing and beautiful widow and my speciality thanks to her friendship and making me realise I can cook is curry 🙂 do love brussels though.Hope you were awarded your ssdi

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