Shopping v. Swamp (psst… Swamp always wins)

Cat-Shopping-Funny-Shoes-MallSunday and Monday were days out of the house for errands. I did a lot of ’round-town driving and sat quietly in many parking lots when my hands or eyes felt tenuous behind the wheel. My daytimes are seeming to guarantee at least one “spell,” so I pay attention to signals with which I am now familiar: when feeling the beginning of a plateau, I turned a shopping cart directly towards the cashier in order to GTFO and sit in the car for a bit. The line met me with near Black Friday-proportions of length. I paused. I put back my one item and walked out purchase-less.

But fret not, young commercialists — I really wanted those shoes and went back the next afternoon.

1476455_10152065747249108_1719916698_nUpon waking yesterday, we took both dogs to the Congaree National Park for a 2 mile* walk. It was a gorgeous day for it, and a beautiful space in which to have a VIMC** spell — if there wasn’t a nearby bench on the boardwalk, there would undoubtedly be a tree stump in the forest. My back required more stop-to-resting than I would have liked; the stank dizziness of VIMC is a more familiar acquaintance than ratcheting back pain. But was my discomfort worse than the dogs were happy, the day was handsome or my wife lovely? Sometimes I would think “this is it. my spoons are gone” — but the answer is still no. A resounding no. On top of all above-listed beauty, I needed the walk. Before November arrived I had begun baking something almost daily. In fairness, I also do my PT exercises almost daily… but azoic body fat doesn’t listen to clear, liberal arts reasoning. Time to walk it off.

Museum-reconstruction-of--015Later that afternoon my chiropractor performed some mystical engineering that — I swear — made me taller. I walk markedly less like a Neanderthal now and just, generally, feel more stable. Wunderbar.

*I’m betting I got a little more than 2 because I did get lost in the woods with Cowboy for a brief amount of time.

**VIMC = “Vomitous Indie Movie Camerawork” (I need to think of a more succinct term, but first have to find something compendious about it.)

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