Holiday Potties

grumpy_cat_christmas_9In order to make it from Christmas morning until the evening at the same level of jolly, I’m going to need to leave the house as little as possible for the next two days. This isn’t entirely impossible since more than enough needs wrapping, baking, cleaning, or otherwise general doing. It is safe to say that it is in my best interest not to go anywhere until Christmas morning.

Amantadine is back in my medicine cabinet, now at higher doses. It in no way diminishes the duration or severity of my daily “spells” but it as provided me with significantly reduced fatigue during said spells. This means I feel alert enough to power through my day whether or not I can see properly or stand up straight. During holiday preparations, this has served me well… and has left me pitifully awake, but exhausted. I’ve got two days to add a few recipes and some gift-wrapping into the routine — it doesn’t appear to be asking too much of myself.

www.squattypotty.comBesides, I can ride the joy of a gift’s early arrival — my wife bought me a Squatty Potty®! Ok, ok, so this isn’t your traditional gift of newlywed romance. By this time in my life I’m fairly certain I’m only so traditional. I’m not going to give an outright sales pitch for them, but you should really check out the website for the combination of pertinent scientific information and, well, potty humor.

I hope you (and let’s be honest, me too) have a healthful, joyous smidge left of 2013!


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