2014 Reso-glutens

if-all-you-needed-to-get-fat-was-eat-an-order-of-pancakes-wed-all-be-fuckedIt’s been a couple of days since I had a bad “spell” so I suppose New Year’s Day is as good a time as any for their vexed return. Today I’m going to use this as an opportunity to prove seriousness (to who? myself? the internet?) about going gluten-free. I had a bagel for breakfast. A few hours later this is happening:

  • dizziness / light-headedness
  • intention tremor / loss of motor skills
  • headache

…In fact, I almost always have a headache. It’s become my normal to swallow two ibuprofen and keep trucking. But maybe it’s… not normal.

I remember years ago, shortly before my diagnosis, talking about falling and getting up blind and the response from the other side of the conversation was “You know that’s not normal, right?”

2013-updated_scientific-method-steps_v6_noheaderAnd on the trails of that statement breathed a sympathetic cognitive dissonance which hung like mist in the corners of my mind. My god, maybe I don’t know what normal is. I mean, “normal” as in “scripted into a physiology textbook.” Other forms of “normal” obviously vary from person to person.

MS is unpredictable and unnecessarily cruel to the human body, but that only whets my appetite for reprogramming the details of health over which I do have at least a modicum of control. Next step will be the gluten-free experiment.

Was that bagel a smoking gun? Did it set off a “spell?” There’s the hypothesis in my scientific method. Now for testing.

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