Time Again for New Sx!

www.marriedtothesea.comThis is another one of those things that I’m betting my doctor will flatly refer to as “normal disease progression,” and he’d probably be right. I’m glad I’ll be seeing him next week, because aforementioned lip and eye spasms have evolved to include mouth-chin-and-jaw spasms.  The mouth spasms occur most when I actively try to say anything, but the chin and jaw are each on their own individual schedule.



My face from below the lips feels like the pulsing muscles of bodybuilders fresh out the gym. Where my Fu Manchu would be (were I either an evil criminal mastermind or a studiously misdirected white dude) something below the skin is holding up barbells as I type.

I could Lifetime™-Lament “WHY!?” But that answer is easy. Instead I am spreading my grief thinly, like so much bagel schmear. On a huge bagel. A BAGEL OF GRATITUDE.

  • I am grateful for my wife, who encourages me to do what I love without selling myself short.
  • I am grateful for my family, who hold one another up even if they, themselves, were falling.
  • Happy-Birthday-CowboyI am grateful for Cowboy, who at eleven years old has not diminished in the adorability factor at all. He has nearly as much white hair as brown now and can finally, rightfully, claim his “curmudgeon” status on this year’s taxes.
  • I am grateful that I get to file as 50% of a married couple this year on my federal taxes!
  • I am grateful that SSDI is soon to be in effect and that I will soon be able to afford better care than I currently do.
  • I am grateful for Amantadine for helping me feel a little more myself even through the worst times of disorientation/dizziness.
  • I am grateful to Earlier Me for already getting those clean dishes put away.
  • I am grateful that I’ve been able to walk so much the last few weeks, and
  • I am so grateful to the Congaree National Forest for being the most beautiful place in 100 miles to do my four.
  • I am grateful to be able to do a little yoga in the shower.
  • I am grateful there are fresh vegetables in the fridge and rice already cooked in the steamer.
  • I am grateful that, despite being shaken mightily by the facial spasms, I knew well enough to not overreact to developing new symptoms of a disease that’s supposed to do those things. I don’t think I’m victim-blaming here: MS is terrible and modern medicine is doing everything it can to advance treatments, but MS is a honey badger and honey badgers don’t care.


    This photograph is not upside-down.

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