I have generally never considered antibiotics particularly noxious to the body — especially with a frame of reference that includes injectable interferons. But a few years ago a combination of Cipro/Flagyl kept me in bed for a week, so the ability to go in public at all makes Doxycycline seem tame. bioticsI’ve still felt trapped inside a dim room of myself for the last six days, and I’ve spent more time than I’d like indisposed on a mattress. There’s been some mild vascular distress that I’m going to blame on the Doxy unless it continues after my system is flushed clean.

On the plus side, I’ll have cleared up that chlamydia and malaria that has… never been an issue. Thank you, Doxycycline!

MRI was this past Monday and I’m still waiting to hear back from my doctor-substitute. I’d like to think that means I’m not having an exacerbation right now, but know it’s more likely I’ve slipped through another crack. If I am not having an exacerbation now, then something non-MS-related is afoot. Here’s to hoping it’s just the Doxy.

  1. That graphic made me giggle. Been mostly trapped in the house except when I went for my MRI yesterday. Hope we both get to feeling better fast.

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