Brass Tacks

GRATITUDE ADJUSTMENT:1480630_10151769633828038_1584831232_n

  • I am grateful to have had removed the stitches in my lip, and grateful they served their intended purpose so well.
  • I am grateful that Cowboy seems blissfully unaware of any incidents ever having happened, and also
  • I am grateful that he’s not being uppity about it or lording some kind of new perceived power from having bitten his owner in the face. Cowboy just ain’t like that; he’s a good boy.
  • I am grateful for our first new mattress!
  • I am grateful for Trader Joe’s having finally opened in my town. I have been bitten by their bug.
  • I am grateful to be going to my BFF’s wedding in May! We’ve known one another since we were five and I can’t believe that neither one of us has met the other’s [current/upcoming] spouses. I’m so happy to be changing that.
  • I am grateful for a wonderful weekend with my family, and getting to spend tim1488988_814431368571272_1242641815_ne with my astounding nieces. In place of the modifier “astounding,” please feel free to substitute (or just add in) any of the following: intelligent, funny, brilliant, artistic, beautiful, opinionated, treasured
  • I am grateful that my MRI was read and I have an appointment on Thursday. All I know is that “there have been some changes,” but I am grateful that they didn’t consider it enough of an emergency to send me directly to the ER (been there, done that).
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