http://www.marriedtothesea.com10am – when newly awake and still unsure if the day’s going to be better or worse than its prior, choose to err on a positive outlook so as to maximize the statistical potential of receiving the most positive possible outcome. start by doing the first thing you do in the morning: MEET IMMEDIATE PET NEEDS OMIGOD YOU’RE AWAKE NOW. Give yourself a few minutes just to take stock of whatever reality awaits your day. Do some chores.

12:20pm –  brunch (pot roast and Belgian waffle is an abnormal meal combination, but available for realization at your local Lizard’s Thicket*) then to work.

1:54pm – know more or less where I am in project and Client A endgame in sight / just need an hour more for each Client A & B. Vision and coordination are a certain set of issues now, so I’ll remember to slow down and breathe.

Medicine dropperI am not mysteriously vanishing, I am adapting to continually-changing circumstances.

2:48pm – +10 on adding “home-mashed potatoes what with all that potassium in their skins” to “cooking at home for the first time in two weeks.” I’ve got some dimply little bruises on my arms and legs that cry out for the very ripe bananas they currently resemble.*

4:45pm – yogurt/chili-marinated chicken breasts in oven. Whipped potatoes made with 8 cloves roasted garlic. Little things like making a simple meal made can provide feelings of normalcy and safety that might right now seem otherwise unavailable. Also, roasted garlic is never wrong.

Today –  remitting livedo reticularis began returning, but strangely alongside was sensation back to my legs. Yesterday was a little nervous because they still felt far, far away and weepy. If Cat gets off work on time, we may have a little daylight (and beautiful temperature) left to snag an evening walk.

Tomorrow – Last IV-SM infusion (ask about taper dose that was never mentioned because, well, science needs to win this one). Begin new rounds of calls to the Neurologist’s office that cannot, will not subside until Gilenya is back in my system.



* Except we’ve got potatoes instead of bananas in the house. So we’ll just try to make those metaphors mix.

** I feel a guilty need to emphasize that I had not planned on making a meal of those two particular items, but there’s a long, droll story in there involving restaurant error and missing order items.

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