Back to “Normal?”

10257888_449536621856637_6247820382380385259_nIf we expect a certain amount of utilitarianism from ourselves, the very nature of what we view as normalcy is inherently exhausting. Adding a fine ganache of cognitive dissonance to the matter is understanding the specific differences between “should be” and “is.”

I should be able to accomplish all of the things I have on today’s list, but it is 2pm and already too hot to go outside to take out the trash and water the flowers.

Okay, how about that dirty kitchen? You’ve got prepackaged dinners from the Indian grocery that make actual cooking unimportant, so you should be able to get in there to wash those few dishes, reset the coffee pots for tomorrow. Oh, and sweep then mop if you get the chance. Have you finished cleaning out the freezer from that exploded soda? Tsk, tsk (you should really do that). And  the clean out the fridge since you’ll be taking all the garbage out later when it’s not too hot to roll our bin to the curb.

Or while you’re sitting here contemplating existence in drift, why don’t you fold/hang up those two loads of clean laundry (you should really do that)?


“Performance Sheets?” I scoffed at first too. Then I slept in them.

You should really change the sheets, too. Just sayin’, Lady Diaphoresis.

At the very least, you could be using your day in any number of more pragmatic ways. Start with a backtrack:

…Replace “I should” with “I’d like to.” I’d like to Marry Poppins this house into a shining castle of itself because it is in my nature to succeed at that very goal. I’d like to wash those breakfast dishes* but first the clean dishes need to be put away.

Wait, wait… backtrack a little more…

MaryPoppinsI’d like to get a wide variety of household chores accomplished. In order to accomplish any of those things I have to come to terms with not being a ficticious, umbrella-riding nanny.

Sigh. Alas, life is not fiction and never have I boarded a parasol.

That, um, having been noted… go turn on music and clean for ten minutes. Take an actual, honest-to-gumdrops break that includes sitting down… then clean some more. Repeat as necessary.



*Hey, you made breakfast? Gluten-free peanut butter pancakes? Wouldn’t you also like to pat yourself on the back for that?

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