Back to (photos of) nature!


There’s apparently a very large rock near our home. A 40 acre long slab is certainly too much territory to cover within the confines of a spontaneous afternoon sidebar, but photographs are just enough memory to keep us going back.IMG_20140516_221245IMG_20140516_221433IMG_20140516_22202010368236_10152072084358038_6442101048434458307_nBy the time we left, dizziness and visual acuity were at their respective highs/lows. In lieu of making a more verifiable representation in Photoshop (.GIF-style, I’m thinking, to better include dizziness). To stopped and took a photo of the trail back so I could look at it later and see what my brain made different during its anticipated keg stand. This is a basic:

Untitled-110277695_10152072085258038_6719272472824111159_nIt is true that, even on the most temperate of days, my body will give out within about an hour; it is fortunate that after twenty minutes back in the car A/C I can usually return to baseline. Plus two days later I am sore in places I forgot existed, which makes me feel more proud of than disappointed in myself. Said pride is illustrated in this last photo.


  1. This gel collar is magic. I stick it in the freezer and bring it with me in a cooler when we’re going to be outside for more than 20 minutes. It pulls down my core body temp fast, so I am totally in love with it.

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