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My beautiful wife shot this gorgeous photo of the St. Louis Gateway Arch

My beautiful wife shot this gorgeous photo of the St. Louis Gateway Arch

I am enormously proud of how well my body handled a weekend in the next time zone. While I did hit my head on at least three separate occasions, the worst of which spurred one of my famous “spells” inside the top of the St. Louis Gateway Arch, my pain levels were low-to-normal and most of what with which I dealt was easily hidden in plain sight.

Enormous joy did seem to help on most levels. I not only got to enjoy time away from the responsibilities of home, but also as part of a celebration. We went to Missouri for the wedding of my best friend — she and I first met around the age of five in a local Girl Scout troop, and three days ago I was lucky enough to sit on the front row on the bride’s side. After dinner at the St. Louis Art Museum, the wedding party treated itself to a walk around its masterpieces. The time I got to spend with my best friend on her wedding day and the following two was a breath of fresh air I didn’t know how badly I needed — more than two years is too many to go between visits this go ‘around.

At the arch with my officially-sanctioned BFF

At the arch with my officially-sanctioned BFF

We have both had significant health issues in our early thirties, and being quick about catching one another up surely left out tons of nominal details that will still be fascinating later because of the inherent science involved with “significant health issues.”

Oh yeah, please re-read the above sentence again, this time knowing that my best friend is one of the smartest people in the world. To me, at least. More probably to hundreds of other people too. Our conversations are broad of topic and savory of fact; in high school we were nerdy girls who didn’t mix well with the cool crowd and I like to think that ultimately we bested a lot of what we championed in our youth. We were also college room mates before our respective journeys began to pull us in different directions.

But though this visit came after too long a wait through adult life and all its problems, being able to anchor her in my hulk-like grasp still felt like coming home in a city to which I’d never before been.


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