Wahls Week 1 (The Hemming/Hawing)

The-Wahls-Protocol2Neither one of us can justify throwing out food in our cupboard that’s forbidden on the Wahls Diet, but nor do we want to ask our friends and loved ones to find homes for items like the half-block of three-week-old cheese in the fridge. So this week (and maybe part of next) will be a funeral to dairy (we’re already doing ok on the gluten-free part of things, Rest in Bread).

Tonight I’m making gluten-free avocado pancakes and bacon for dinner. The recipe is almost completely Wahls-compliant here, other than the dozen eggs still in the refrigerator, one or two of which will be used tonight. Once those are gone, no more eggs.

Obviously I’m talking like you already know all about Dr. Wahls. If you haven’t yet been introduced, please go forth meeting her the same way I did over a year ago:

Now, having been a big-boned girl to varying degrees throughout my life I have tried fad diets and now consider myself outside their influence altogether when compared to eating the right things in their reasonable portions. Changing dietary routines is a little tricky and potentially expensive, but I accept that this is a logical option to improve my health. We’re already consuming our three cups of daily greens, but right now I’ve got a complicated logic puzzle of new habits to form in order to usher along the rest.

And avocado pancakes with which to experiment.

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