Science Diet w/ side of Self-Validation

phone-grammarI have recently watched with scientific intent life with remitting cerebral lesions — what will improve after the infusions? Upon beginning the Wahls Diet? What will just flat-out change for no discernible reason?

My diet is now gluten-free, and the wife and I are both working very hard at getting rid of dairy (oh, queso… at least the chips with which I eat you are gluten free, right?). Some things have gotten better already: my general cognition feels more clear than it has in [undetermined time period, as part of the cog fog made time, itself fuzzy]. Opsolonus is now only troublesome at night when I’m sleepy, I can feel enough of my right foot to know it’s still attached to a leg, and the leg to which it’s attached no longer sports the purple fishnets of livedo reticularis.

I <3 U!

I ❤ U! (Photoshop design, 2014)

I’m having an easier time remembering things in both the short term, as well as random older memories that seemed to have entirely vacated the premises for a minute. I am getting things accomplished and handling my bizness.

I can almost remember all three sets of digits I need to type in every time I pair the laptop the television. A few months ago I was only able to remember one or two of the nine numbers per glance.

Changing directions — more than one one at any time — is still a difficulty. It might very well end up being the thing that slows me down better than the fatigue already does.

The sun still proves to be my worst enemy. I’m not operating my motor vehicle until autumn (you’re welcome).

10373642_10152373894714675_8529262584983976700_nFor the first time in years I have begun having dreams again. They’ve been neither super happy nor super scary, mostly just of the common absurd ilk which most dreams yield. Having had a long dreamless swath of adulthood pass me by makes even the most banal subconscious entertainment riveting. Night before last I was privy to my childhood home, complete with dad simultaneously mowing the lawn and putting away laundry. It was wonderful.

And though through my “research” I can’t prove a scientifically or physiologically validating point about anything at all right now, I feel both scientifically and physiologically validated by the improvements I know are there.

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