Cognitively Fabulous

nataliedee.comLately I have been working on getting back as much of my cognitive skill as possible, and reestablishing basic daily routines with rest as friend, not foe. I have to move more slowly and learning to do that has to be a process of mindful retraining. So this morning I have already completed “Phase I” of today’s kitchening. What that included was peeling a couple oranges and making a smoothie for our breakfast, taking meat for dinner out of the freezer and simply leaving it on the counter. I rinsed the food processor (smoothie really gloms on, y’know?). I plan on a minimum of two more kitchening phases: Phase II will include washing the dishes and coffee pots and cleaning the counters. Phase III will be whatever dinner will become with the meat I took out of the freezer at 9:05am.

Over the course of the day, I’ve got to:

Wait, no.

Over the course of the day, I’d like to:

– Phases II/III of aforementioned kitchening

– Go through the pile of envelopes on my nightstand and respond as needed

– Fold/hang/put away clean laundry

– Make more progress on new website.

Crop of the very page of CSS on which I am working.

Crop of the very page of CSS on which I am working.

I have begun coding again — this time, building a website feels a little unfamiliar, which in itself is a surreality. New synapses obviously need to be created, and I do not accept that they cannot be. I’m just going to keep plodding through until my knowledge either resurrects or recreates.

I have come to realize when I begin to dislike the things I once enjoyed doing, a problem might exist which needs to be addressed instead of ignored.

In this vein of thought, I am saying NO to not reading books. I had always kind of assumed the pleasure was partially in physically holding the book, reading as though only you were being told a secret story. But, as I have surmised, I am not a bratty child and shouldn’t need special kid gloves where reading is concerned: it may be true that reading is almost more difficult than rewarding, but maybe… just try… audiobooks?


It’s a new synaesthetic relationship with books to hear instead of see them. But “change” does not inherently equate with “bad.” And I miss all of the things with which reading gifts one. And maybe listening to the words will still be more rewarding than fighting your way with eyes that no longer follow orders.

Ok, time to open iTunes and begin kitchening Phase II. The length of this post proves that I took a break.

  1. Adam wants me to try audiobooks too. I’m not sure why I’m so against it. Glad we’re both improving our cognition by using skills! 🙂

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