Quick “spell” post

10609587_10152693493024108_5796014958797586608_nI feel together in my head but my body feels weeping, as rain inside a hollow earth. I have trouble focusing on more than one task at a time (which is why I bet this will be a short blog post because there are so many things I could be doing and soon I trust safe movement will again be possible). When asked simple questions, it takes extra time to move my focus from the task at hand to formulate a coherent answer; when I do answer, my voice may come out a hoarse whisper or it may come out too loud and dressed in slur. My wife understands now what’s happening when my eyes look wide towards her voice as though it’s a cavalcade of tiny objects running towards me, and when the answer she receives is a combination of keywords and hand gestures. It’s hard to use my mouse touch pad properly (and I’m still trying to figure out how to train myself away from those errors). Oh, and the dizzy. Always the dizzy. As long as I sit still and face the same direction for a while, the worst will remit and I can move slowly again. It always passes, but whether it leaves me capable or disabled for the rest of the day is as predictable as dice on a Vegas table.

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