10635784_10152306012618038_6565154557685086387_nSo if your neurologist leaves you hanging without meds for 8 months, finds a bunch of new lesions, yells at you for having lesions, then spends another 7 months forgetting to get you back on the medication whose absence caused lesions in the first place… um…  question mark?

They have become the OPPOSITE of caretakers.

Time to try to find a new neurologist. Erstwhile, I’ll just go back to being my own doctor. I was better at treating myself than they have been at treating me.

I’m sick to my stomach with anger since it is Friday of this week, and I haven’t received a call back from Friday-before-last’s call. This is letter-writing-to-upper-management territory. Before putting pen to paper on it, though, I need a significant


  • I am grateful for last week’s trip to New Orleans! 10612806_10152306014138038_6823647608141364575_n
  • I am grateful for my wife’s YogaFit training in Nola, because it gave me much-needed time with friends whom I have not hugged in far too long.
  • I am grateful for strangers who compliment me on “dropping it like it was hot” while a 9 piece brass band jams off the walls around us.
  • I am grateful — and proud! — to have lasted through a two hour Haunted Nola walk.
  • I am grateful for the delightful birthday I had yesterday: I painted for the first time in over a year!10614371_10152306012648038_2163572054736577681_n
  • I am grateful for / haiku, because it is the / way words come brush stroke
  • I am grateful for waitstaff who can compliment my neck tattoo because it means they, too, appreciate something about art.
  • Seriously, I am grateful for New Orleans.
  • I am grateful for lunch being ready and dinner being easy.
  • I am grateful for the amount of love in my life, and
  • I am grateful for you. Shut up, I know that’s cheesy… but you are pretty awesome, right?
  1. Sounds like you may be in medical malpractice land. Definitely, DEFINITELY, time for a new neurologist. No one should ever yell at you for having the very disease you’re seeing them to treat. Ever. You deserve respect and care. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to be a support to you.

      • oligoclonal
      • September 19th, 2014

      Thank you, Rae — I’m just so flummoxed and emotional about it right now that I’m taking a breath. I’ve got a lot of letter-writing to do this weekend.

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