More Good Than Bad

Rare photo of me looking up -- I don't always get to see the sky now.

Rare photo of me looking up — I don’t always get to see the sky now.

I’ve gotten so used to waking up every hour every night to use the bathroom that I’ve also become used to waking up a little mad about it. This morning called attention to how unnecessary it is to wake in a defensive mode of any kind — without, of course, knowing right away that I’d just gotten three solid hours, and before the natural body scan that consciousness presumes, I was angry.

That’s no good way to start any day.

Especially when a few minutes into cognizance I can hear my body say, “Oh, actually we’re kinda cool now.”


My route is highlighted in pink.

High-five, self! This is the first morning I’ve woken feeling “alright” since a huge walk happened at the swamp. In retrospect 2.7 miles was a bit much, but I DID IT. My body’s cooperation was unexpected and celebratory.

To be honest, most of Sims Trail was a legless zombie kaleidoscope, but downed trees make for great benches in the forest… and once you’re on Sims Trail the only way out of Sims Trail is to reach the other end of Sims Trail. Even when most of my physical body wants to stop responding, it cannot argue simple facts like that; I knew that I’d be proud when we got back to the car (and I’d then be able to sit facing the same direction for a half hour: best reward ever!).

I am enormously grateful for this amount of physical activity.

I am grateful that we live so close to such a beautiful natural preserve.

I am grateful for autumn, which allowed me to leave the house and sweep my porch for the first time in months.

I am grateful for every Wednesday’s Assistive Yoga class — every week I have taken the ground for granted until 20lbs of sandbags are on my seated legs. Every Wednesday, I feel the ground; every Wednesday, I cry from joy.

408750_10151076227563038_576618541_nI am endlessly grateful that my wife introduced me to this class, and even moreso that it exists in our city.

Beyond grateful — ecstatic, really — that our NY State marriage license is now applicable in the place we live. And what else, you ask? This happened just in time for our two year wedding anniversary.

    • slippingthroughmyfingers
    • October 9th, 2014

    congrats on your anniversary and your walk!

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