Walking Vision Photos

Accidental selfie is accidental

Accidental selfie is accidental

Of course it’s going to get difficult and uncomfortable, but there are benches galore along the path at the Riverwalk and an unlimited number of natural photo ops while on those benches. The camera can capture on what my eyes won’t be able to for the next several minutes. In the meantime, while my neurological self bemoans its tough time, I know that my actual human body benefits from the aerobics.

With respect to the moments I can’t walk on or see, please enjoy these photos — they were all taken while my vision was spinning/doubling/blurring. I still consider it largely unacceptable to not appreciate what’s around me, and I was excited to see how nicely a couple came out.






In the last two days I’ve walked over 3 miles, and for it I get beautiful photos. Things get bad for a while, but just look at what beauty would’ve been wasted on me without a few snapshots. I guess this is my official middle finger to the deep-seated fear of losing my vision. My middle finger tries to keep it classy.

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