More Thanks to Give

dude-you-smell-freshToday I didn’t use my cane. Today I didn’t need to use my cane. Today I actually didn’t even remember I needed it. I walked around the property with a yard crew, getting feedback on their progress and possible repairs — we’ve got a big yard, and though landscaping was once a fond hobby it’s not something I can really do like I used to. It was nice to look around at the improvements — in fact, I moved all the flower pots then swept the front porch and walkway. I went inside and baked brownies. I cleaned the bathroom, did some laundry. I washed the dishes and fixed dinner. I took a shower, sat down, looked up, saw Kanedinsky. It wasn’t until the end of daily activities that I realized how much better I moved today — and that I did everything without any assistance. I didn’t have a “spell” today. I don’t even remember the last time a day passed without one. I was able, therefore, to change directions more easily which aided a level of productivity rarely accessed. Tonight I will fall asleep thankful again. It’s a damn nice feeling.

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