Pobody’s Nerfect

toot-toot-modern-bicycleOk, deep breath.

I know variables that contribute must be:

  • The weather has been kind.
  • 3 months into both, Gilenya and
  • Ampyra are fully back in my system
  • 2 months without gluten, and
  • Moving into an established version of The Wahls Protocol*

More time and understanding, and some dialing-back of joy (because it could still all change again tomorrow… I mean, I hope it won’t but it’s too early to lose skepticism) have to be instituted, but I haven’t needed to use a cane in four days.

Last night, as a matter of fact, I felt my legs for the first time in over a year.

I could feel the ground on which I was standing.

I skipped for several yards in a public shopping mall.

I didn’t need to use my arms to lift my legs out of cars.

Driving isn’t a problem.

Dr. Terry Wahls before/after instituting her protocol

Dr. Terry Wahls before/after instituting her protocol

Now, swallowing and dizziness are still problems. I woke up to use the bathroom 13 times night before last, and I have still had a “spell” or two (as opposed to every day, like clockwork), but nothing worse than normal. Overall, things are better right now than I would ever have expected.

If I only get this kind of self-pampering for four days, I can’t not be grateful for it — but I do feel like I can be entitled to to a little genuine hope, and I feel like my motto (“There’s never been a better time to have MS”) is paying off.

yeahsciencebitch*Pobody’s nerfect, but I’m headed for long-lasting change here and that takes a minute of life-rearranging for the Italian cook writing here: I’m good and Paleo now, but the Ketogenic part of things is going to be a challenge during the holidays. I must reiterate here that I can see a light at the end of my tunnel vision, however, and it feels incredible.

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