Today, I:

anigif_enhanced-19520-1413221396-23– Swept the house and bagged it all.

– Cleaned the litterbox that lives on the first-story landing

– Washed, put away the dishes

– Pulled the dryer out of it’s cubby beside the washer, detached the hose, unplugged it and gave it some sweet fixings. Pulling it out involved a lot of area chachki/ironng board rearrangement (and sweeping), but getting it back in place was a different kind of awkward. I was alone and the dirty laundry was waiting on me so the endeavoring was gentle, but stern.

Then I found myself trapped in the sudden realization of an 18″ cube from which there could be only one escape. Low above my 5’10” hunch were cabinets and the only navigable space would be an an upward, diagonal trajectory with nowhere to grip.

IMG_20141204_163006029(I wrestled with this mentally too.)

After planting my bottom on the washer’s edge and designing it a fulcrum as much in imagination as in physics. it was time to go… up. But only up enough not to bash any extraneous parts on the cupboards. This is where yoga came in! After months of trying to push feet into the ground whether or not they knew what they were doing, my feet knew what to tell my legs and my legs knew what to tell my torso and my torso knew which ways to turn. I pushed into the air and sprang just enough to slither backwards and swing push back into livable space.

And of course no one was there to see it, damnit. My body had just done all the things my mind asked it.

– But it was all for the laundry, which came next.

– I changed the bed sheets

– I fed the kids dinnner, and made ours:

– Oven-roasted garlic chicken and broccoli, to be served with whipped garlic mashed potatoes topped with bacon and nutritional yeast

FINISHED-EPSOM– I took a bath, yo. Epsom salts are a great source of the magnesium of which most Americans are deficient.

In summary, I had no “spell” today. My fatigue was light. I turned in SO MANY DIRECTIONS. Now I can enjoy sitting still because it feels earned. Big differences like this can come right back into my open arms — here’s to (really) hoping the dizziness keeps ebbing and my vision continues to improve. Is this my new baseline? I never knew things could improve like this.

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