Good News v. Bad News (SPOILER ALERT: “Good News” wins)

BAD: Today I am fatigued and mostly in bed. Of course that still happens, and of course it happens after…

GOOD: Yesterday I spent three (three!) hours walking around a festival of local artists and artisans. Finding a seat was the last thing I did, as there were aisles to roam up and down. I was able to walk in a multitude of directions with no cane. The dizziness was tolerable — nearly a first in this sort of situation.

Can you see why these changes are rocking my world?

Can you see why these changes are rocking my world?

GOOD: But not a first, because at a grocery this week I noticed halfway through the store that I could see things around me. I have become accustomed to my surroundings transforming into a hyperspace-like blur of lines that travel parallel to whichever way I head. I am used to stopping at the colors of brands and logos I seek and remaining unable to focus my vision on anything (I’ve been known to come home with liquid dryer softener instead of detergent, conditioner instead of shampoo, etc).

BAD: Our car was unexpectedly held four days for repairs.

GOOD: Borrowed a pristine Corvette for four days.

LouLou tried on Cowboy's sweater. Neither is comfortable with this.

LouLou tried on Cowboy’s sweater. Neither is comfortable with this.

BAD: This week there was a visit to the vet, a call to a plumber and the car is in surgery until Wednesday.

GOOD: Still able to shop for gifts.

GOOD: There is a pile of gifts to wrap sitting in the bedroom. BAD: Oh, but laundry to fold first.


GOOD: We have clean laundry.

GOOD: The dishes are done, dinner’s on the stove, and other work is 50% complete. All I really have to do for the rest of the day is fold laundry and wrap gifts. I can tell my body’s not at 100% right now, but there’s been enough time in the day to accomplish everything without overdoing it. I know is that this fatigue is because I was able to spend yesterday doing something I haven’t been able to in a very long time… and that feels a big chomp better than this fatigue does desperate.

  1. So, the Corvette wins out in my book. The cause of sclerosis is lysolecithin which is in our processed foods and products. It was used in studies to create lesions in mice to study the efficacy of prednisone. A chemical process used in enzyme modified foods causes unnaturally high levels of lysolecithin in foods. Nice huh? Say good bye to paralysis and start eliminating these from your diet and personal care.

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