This is How We Learn

not-a-big-dealOf course pepperoni isn’t gluten free. Gluten is in everything, and pepperoni is MADE OF EVERYTHING. Why didn’t I have logic at the ready in the face of hot bread I can eat covered in forbidden cheese?

Because it was hot bread and cheese at a hungry dinnertime. That’s why. I threw caution to the wind. I ordered… double pepperoni. I had just eaten pepperoni on a gluten-free pizza in Brooklyn and had come out unscathed (not all, just most pepperoni is made with gluten, I have since well learned); there were no immediate side effects from this pie either, other than a full belly of Italian goodness.

my-potionsA day passes. The next, I wake up unable to move. The old gang of disabling symptoms is back: fatigue, cog fog, sublime dizziness, slurring words and at times unable to speak much above a whisper. Oh, and the GI tract drumline showed up to complete this celebration of learning. I flipped the memory Rolodex through the last day and caught a flash of the girl making my pizza looking up to ask “have you had our pepperoni before?”

With eyes wide and feeling stupid, Google confirmed my suspicion: of course you can order a gluten free pizza topped with gluten.

Because I’m not about to make such a grievous error again. This was a schooling I do not want again — the worst was a full day, and yesterday was slightly better (I was able to get out of bed, an act which I have grown to love). This is the third day and I feel almost back at the “new” baseline Manhattan proved; I’ve eaten 3c of greens and 1c of fruit already today. I’m drinking some coffee. There is so much to do that being bored would be selfish and I am not going to stick around in Malaise-town. Learning experiences come at a variety of costs, and if I am feeling better again in 48 hours after [delicious, delicious] exposure then I can file the information away if this happens again [I hope to never let it happen again].

Damnit, double pepperoni. I thought we could still be friends.

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