State of The Function

Kale-for-Alzheimers-dietThe more strictly I follow the Wahls Protocol, the more I can feel improvement slowly fading back into normalcy with nearly the same quiet apology with which it left (sorry to leave the party so early, yet chagrined to return without a bottle of wine for the host). It’s been over three months now that I haven’t needed a cane, my fatigue levels have stabilized, and my cognition feels more trustworthy.

I had a cold this week. The ease of dealing with it broke me into tiny peals of laughter more than once. Of course it was a pain in the bottom and I felt bad. I stayed in bed one day. Every moment of this situation passed under rapt scientific awareness — specifically, how different it felt to stay in bed with a cold as opposed to staying in bed because of MS. Of course my entire body was tired… but I could still move any part of it I liked. I sneezed a lot and am sporting one of those red noses dusted with a snow of dead skin to prove my victory over this tiny trial; I took 50mg of zinc and was better by the morning.

And as if to overshadow that tiny joy with terrible reminders so as not to yet take newfound health to heart (and thereby, for granted):

  • Remember that your bladder’s not paying any attention to dietary changes
  • Neither is the spinal degeneration
  • My eyeballs still hurt almost all the time
  • Swallowing is still a thing
  • The Pseudobulbar Affect and thundering anxiety cause too many problems

…But, hey, remember too:

After over a year of terrible care from my neurologist resulted in significant cognitive and physical disability (dude, that speech impediment was completely terrifying and I am endlessly grateful it hasn’t stuck around) I finally got that appointment with a neuropsychiatrist (it only took a year). It was a huge relief to talk to someone, knowing they were schooled in exactly how lesions on the brain can manifest, about the emotional side effects of MS.

(I am honored to have designed this logo for the event)

(I am honored to have designed this logo for the event)

There have been so many more reasons to feel grateful than maligned; sure, there’s still bad stuff… But right now I can walk without a cane (not since 2010!) and without going numb from the waist down (not since 2005!). For those and other reasons, I’m going to join the parade for the upcoming #MindsOnMain event in Columbia. Please consider helping me raise money for the National Alliance on Mental Illness Mid-Carolina chapter by clicking here or on the image to your left — all donations go directly to funding programs and services that help the 1 in 4 adults who are living with a mental illness. Mental illness is a common attachment to MS, either by way of lesions (Pseudobulbar affect, holla!), by being terrible to you, or to your loved ones.

#MentalHealthMatters because the brain is a part of you, and you are a part of everyone else.

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