Habits and Hashbrowns

Proof that, because I am not a monster, sometimes I go to Waffle House.

Proof that, because I am not a monster, sometimes I go to Waffle House. (Photo by wife)

I’m glad that my good habits are really sinking in. I use the active verb tense of “sink” instead of “sunk” here because I am still a normal human person who needs dinner sometimes when it’s late and everything is closed except Waffle House. I’m reflective of science’s miraculous abundance, yes, but have you tried the new hashbrown bowls there?

The carbs are unacceptable, yes. Having dinner after 10pm is a bonehead move for glucose intolerance. But a grilled chicken breast isn’t bad for you and Waffle House (mine, at least) has never given me any gluten-esque responses as long as I don’t order bread (or waffles, for shame).

But please, don’t fret over this greasy indiscretion! Today I’ve already eaten 2.5c of kale, 1.5c of broccoli, and dinner is simmering: a cabbage-based stew. A coconut milk/blueberry smoothie is also on today’s menu. This is the habit I’m in now, and I like it, but practice makes perfect: we don’t live with financial resources generous enough to to get it right every day. This is kinda how the last 6 months have played out:

Hiking is so pretty!

STEP 5: Hiking is so pretty!

STEP 1: Give up gluten. After two months, give up your cane and Rx for walking. Walk more because you can.

STEP 2: Learn that the phrase “gluten free” does not grant allowance on the unhealthy things that happen to be gluten free. (Talking to you, gluten free pasta)

STEP 3: Just eat kale every day. As much as you can. In fact, eat as many vegetables as possible. Put broccoli, cabbage, kale, spinach, and cauliflower on every grocery list (really, do that — you’re not guaranteed all of their presences at the supermarket). Keep a gallon of blueberries in the freezer. Append this list with other produce on a regular basis, and think of new and creative ways to prepare it so you don’t get mouthbored.

STEP 4: Aw, sugar, I will miss you most of all… except for the fact that cutting you almost entirely out (re: not perfect) has cut my every-day panic attacks by over 50%.

STEP 5: Be active because you suddenly can be.

STEP 6: Keep reinforcing the good habits even when bad ones want to sneak in. Because they will, and nobody’s perfect. In fact, trying to be “perfect” is usually going to set you back.

I am pumped for well-being! I am terrified of the impending summer heat! I still can’t actually run for some reason, but I haven’t gone numb from the waist down while walking for about four months. Even in cooler weather I still lose some control of the muscles in my mouth/esophagus after a small distance. By the end of a walk or hike I am slurring my words like a college kid on spring break. Maybe one day I’ll take a video of that since we live in the future ‘n all. Erstwhile, I still have more to be thankful for than which I have to gripe. Time now to sweep and mop the kitchen: now with an ample amount of increased succcess!

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