“Producing” Results

11230223_10153911164248986_2330038506098254361_nIt hasn’t been a luxury hiatus* full of spectacular new changes, so don’t worry. The summer has begun, and I’m indoors again today. This past week my diet fell (way) short of vegetables, and even without gluten dancing anywhere into frame I’ve been paying for it with fatigue, dizziness, and a touch of cognitive dulling… so I used the opportunity as an experiment! Yesterday I focused, with effort, my remaining smarts on fixing produce-based meals. I ate at least 3c of kale (kale chips are a blessing!), 1c of zucchini (as noodles!), 1c of cabbage, and 2c of broccoli. That still leaves me about 3c short of what my daily intake should be, but even still… well, I am farting more.

Today’s results are in: It wasn’t a punishment to get out of bed this morning, and I feel more awake while being awake. I took the garbage outside and to the curb. I am planning dinner and making a grocery list, and don’t feel weepingly overwhelmed by the myriad of other chores I feel the impetus to undertake. The difference is incredible; you’d better believe this grocery list is heavy with greens.

Rehearsal pic

Rehearsal pic

It’s fortunate that I need to be confined to air conditioning right now because my wife’s got a lot on her plate with work and rehearsals as The Witch in Into the Woods. She hasn’t been on stage since we first met (and I fell in love with her before I ever met her because she was so damn good… I’ve probably talked about all this at length so let me put a kibosh on the gushing).

*I guess “luxury hiatus” could, under different circumstances, include an entire day devoted to eating vegetables.

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