State of the Animation

On the plus side, if I haven’t updated this blog in a minute it’s usually because I’m busy hosting the much-sought, once-rare ability to do other things. Here is a less-than-comprehensive list of some of these things:

GAME OF THRONES*Urodynamics are not, how you say, enjoyable… I had no idea catheters could be used in so many varied and comprehensive ways. I am trying to remain focused on the fascinating science behind everything — ultimately we’re looking to figure out how to get back to a full night’s sleep. Having not slept through a night in over three years is taking a toll on the otherwise “Healthiest I’ve Ever Been.” I wake up to use the bathroom between 3-10+ times a night; I have had one night in the last 3 years where I only woke up once (if I remembered what day it was, I’d celebrate it annually). Once I’m back from the bathroom, adding insult to injury, I’m often faced with an inexplicable 1-3 hours of insomnia; during that time, I will have to keep getting up to use the bathroom and assure Netflix that, yes, I am still watching the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt for the 80th night in a row. anigif_enhanced-29809-1425847981-2

Still, when I am tired and cranky I know why. I have the opportunity to try to improve my situation because right now my health is (otherwise) pretty laudable. It has been eight months since I’ve had to use a cane to stand up or walk. EIGHT MONTHS! I’m needing to do less and less “Kimmying” these days.

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