Busy Until Baseline


Photo by Crushrush Photography


One of my event posters

No, really, I’ve been busy. Above is a photo from HeartBERN, a Bernie Sanders event that featured Benjamin Jealous and Adolph Reed Jr. as speakers, as well as Hillary and Trump impersonators. I was one of several designers who volunteered to help with the marketing, and my beautiful other half was a perfect Hillary Clinton — on point without being slanderous (who needs in-fighting on the Democratic side of this already-crazy fence?). Over 1,000 people showed up!

Now I’ve turned from politics to mental health: it’s time to gear up for Minds on Main 2016, and I’m honored to again be working with NAMI Mid-Carolina. This event is — speaking purely in technical graphic design terminology — my baby. Last year I got to create the logo for an event that succeeded enough to return again this year, and I hope to see it continue to grow.

12746156_10153314143778038_102705026_nIn between those things, I have been making more book covers.

Staying busy helps keep the mind off bad days; it is of no service to yourself or others to bemoan having to sit still in order to think. The “pseudoexacerbation” stuck with me for about two months, which makes me even more suspicious of its prefix. The worst has passed, but I know sometimes I’m just not going to be able to speak, swallow, or be the principal ballerina for any major metropolis.

I’m making my peace.

I see baseline again now, but if hope gets ahead of me I land right back on my butt. Did I get the living room tidy today? Yes. And I can appreciate that knowledge from somewhere I can fall knowing that the statistics of landing safely are on my side. The bedroom.

I’d heave a sigh, but only for the obligatory oxygen. I’d rather focus on the things I can — and am! — doing.

  • I am grateful that the living room is tidy.
  • I am grateful that most of the dishes are already washed.
  • I am grateful the dryer is already empty and ready for the washer’s just-spun contents
  • I am grateful to have had a poem about falling published in the current issue of Jasper Magazine!
  • I am grateful for all of the events and organizations with which I get to help!
  • I am grateful that at 215k miles, the car keeps running
  • I am grateful for my incredible spouse, who works long days supporting us.
  • I am grateful to have finished this round of physical therapy with at least a little success, and with a new Rx for something non-narcotic that helps keep me asleep.
  • I am grateful that Cowboy just as loving at 13 years old.
  • I am grateful for science. Like, just across the board. From planets in outer space to the worlds within us, thank you.






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