“Feeling” Myself


a-toast-to-the-ground“That was the most graceful fall I’ve ever seen!” exclaimed the college-aged volunteer at Yoga For Everyone after I failed to get myself from Shavasana back into my wheelchair. When I thanked him, I meant it. I rarely get – and receive compliments from – fall witnesses.  Here is where I pop open an oldschool hand fan and say sheepishly I like to believe that my life is simply one very long interpretive dance.

My left side is mostly useless, my right leg numb, vision finding bold new ways to reinvent itself on the daily. The list could – but does not deserve to – go on. I don’t see my new neurologist until November. I am no longer receiving monthly SSDI checks and godonlyknows how to fix whatever kind of forgetful goddamn mess they’ve made.

Okay. Breathe.

IMG-9800I got an early birthday present about which I am still over the moon. I’m a huge Jay Z fan, and of course now too of his wife. You guys. It felt all like I was seeing the British royal family or the Pope or something. The tickets were for accessible seating, so we got almost the entire booth to ourselves.

Another big source of joy is Lola, our new Boston Terrier.


Lola was rescued from a puppy mill and trained by her previous owner to be an emotional support therapy dog. She never graduated however, and we all seem happier for it. Lola loves car rides, neck rubs, and… yoga! She’s getting along famously with at least 1 (“50%”) of our cats, but Lou Lou and Lola have established their mutual love of cheese and I want to believe that that has opened up some doors.

My big brothers are the best big brothers out there, you guys. Look at the best lawyer in Columbia, SC (2017) keep me upright. ❤bbb

There is so much love in my world. My wife will be home from the grocery store momentarily. Did I mention that I still fall in love with her again every day?

Look, see – now I’m breathing again in a healthy fashion, but the keyboard is winning its battle with my fingertips. Secondary Progressive MS is already terrifying and filled with moments you are certain will be your last.

Here, let’s end with more animal photos.

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