Take the good, Take the bad…

maxresdefaultI woke up at 4am to get to the nearest big city & see my neurologist; I got an overview of my latest MRI and began the paperwork for a new DMD. Gilenya’s not working, so in a few months I’ll remove it from my system and begin Lemtrada infusions. The MRI showed 30+ lesions, many of which have conspired to become severe spinal cord disease. They took about a dozen vials of blood (Lemtrada), so between all that, a lack of sleep, & throbbing legs I’m ready to check out for the day.

But not everything’s bad! In addition to actively working on my health’s improvement, I was recently cast in a play!download (1) The Pulitzer-winning play of 2018, Cost of Living (Martyna Majok) asks specifically for disabled actors to be cast in two of the four roles. I’m almost two decades off the stage, but there used to be a good amount. Every rehearsal stills time and I so genuinely enjoy working with the director and castmates that I almost have forgotten that memorizing lines is. still. possible. Cat’s been working so hard, and she still gets me to every rehearsal (and doctor’s appointments! And yoga!); I truly don’t know what I’d do without her. Now, please enjoy this short clip from Cost of Living; I will be playing Ani.



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