o-OWLS-570It’s about as difficult to type as it is to speak, so please bear with me. I no longer have control over my left hand, but still gonna just live that “right hand” lifestyle and, though typing with one hand takes its time, it will still earn me a thumb’s up.

Yesterday, with Cat’s help, I walked all the way from a rest area parking lot to the bathroom & back without falling. My legs hurt today like they just finished some kind of weird, mountainous marathon but… well, I walked.  My left leg no longer acts like it was previously trained for any activity at all, let alone holding up a human person.

I can’t wait to be back on a DMD, no matter how much it, itself, might suck during its infusion. I can only pay attention to one thing at a time right now, and I am not proud to admit missing doing the dishes. Damn straight I miss cooking, but an Aunt and my parents have ensured a week’s worth of home made dinners. I am so lucky and loved.

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