The “bads”

I was comforted to find an article on titled “The Afternoon Slide” by Devin Garlit. It felt full of uncanny but comforting similarities:

For me, usually around 2 PM most days, my symptoms start to act up. Extreme fatigue, spasms, weakness, pain, and cognitive issues… tend to be the big ones.

Any time after noon, I’ll start feeling dark clouds beginning to accumulate through my limbs until the shy storm reaches my brain. It’s slow moving and gets worse until a peak around 4:30pm almost every day like nearly functioning clockwork. Without a solitary symptom taking front stage, we just refer to all of it as “the bads.”

At their worst, the clouds fill, tall, through the head. Fatigue makes moving a Herculean task: my legs throb, I’m slack jawed stupid, without full motor control, and pained eyes. I may lay down, but if I do I will usually be unable to move for an hour or more.

My wife described it once in a question: “You know Mary from Little House on the Prairie?” Swells of vertigo keep me from moving my neck, and my eyes will appear to not have vision. They do, but the slightest change in direction is an attack. I stare straight ahead.

That said, thank you laptops everywhere.

I’m grateful to have been able to learn the general structure of my days and adapt as well possible. Any control over circumstance is a favor.

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