Anticipated Surprise pt. 2

I am grateful to no longer be corded to the tiny box and that there are no more infrared cameras in the bedroom. This whole experience was novel the first day despite some acceptable inconveniences. The cord attached to me began to be a troublesome chain connected to a small plastic case on a long strap. When I could stand, it was not fully, pulled by the attachments connected to my skull.

My head is so happily naked.

My hair is full of the waxy gum that held the electrodes. Though its extraction a petty trauma, I got two scalp massages for my trouble.

The worst part of the last three days was Wednesday. I fell off the bed at least ten times, and couldn’t get up from the floor for an hour after the second set of 5. It’s okay though; YouTube was on auto play and I am grateful to have had something to listen to. Eventually, I was back in mattress town.

Thursday I could barely get off the bed and my body commanded me to remain still at any exhausted cost.

Today is Friday. I’m still having trouble getting out of bed but I can.

I will retrieve at least a modicum of movement by tomorrow, and I’ll be able to get back to practice-walking without a fanny pack dangling 18″ from my shoulder.

Nobody wants a fanny pack, no matter its strap.

These bruises from yesterday are already starting to fade and those injuries will heal before or by the time we vote.


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