About “That Stupid Disease”

Self Portrait with Opsoclonus, 2014

Nice to meet you — my name is Kathy and I consider another personal blog about personal issues is for what the internet is obviously starved.

Just kidding, I really only need a recoverable record of what things happen when… and if I happen to like talking about myself, then the internet is probably where I belong. The internet is where a lot of “my kind” frequent; Multiple Sclerosis, from a general consensus of what I’ve been told by and have told others, is like the worst hangover of your life where also sometimes you wake up with a screaming infant attached to your leg.

When I received my diagnosis at 28, it wasn’t a total shock. I’d been having inexplicable symptoms since before puberty, and they had become my “normal.” Then I tested the “I’m just fat and lazy” hypothesis by losing over 60lbs; it was after the first 50 were gone that I ended up in the hospital with a Dx of MS (and a lifetime ban on the use of lawn mowers).

20032013I’ve now lost over 100lbs, but have also gained a host of new limitations… they are what I hope to offer here in text format with occasional inappropriate comma use and a big slice of “chin up” cake (whether said cake is for me or for you is up for constant debate).

I’m a writer, artist and professional graphic designer who considers her journey in this world more blessed than burdened; I have an amazing family, and my wife has become my greatest champion in improving the daily rigmarole. There is more love and support coming towards me than I can possibly return — but it is what helps me feel lucky.

  1. Hey hey with all the love in the world from A&K over at Below the Radar. We nominated you for the Sunshine Award and would love for you to accept—but we know things come up and how many spoons it takes to go through that! Just know that you can find the post here, http://belowtheradar002.com/2013/04/23/bursting-hearts/, with the acceptance rules and the nomination. Thank you for inspiring us and know that you will always have BTR on your side.

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